Statement on Transformative Actions Needed in Our School System


Current Campaigns


  • Anti-Racist Schools Campaign

  • Student Bill of Rights Campaign

  • Food Quality & Justice Campaign

  • Fund Our Future Campaign

  • Participatory Budgeting Campaign

  • High-Stakes Testing Resistance

  • Community Based Schools Campaign

  • Charter School Expansion Resistance

Read our Statement on Transformative Actions Needed in Our Schools to learn more about education justice issues and our demands.


SOUL: Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation!


Through the SOUL Academy, youth learn about the history of the labor movement, social justice unionism, and ways to leverage interdisciplinary knowledge. Youth engage in activism, organizing, and leadership, so as to positively impact schools and society.


The SOUL Academy will be a hybrid program due the public health crisis.

Contact us to enroll youth or learn more.


NBCSOS collaborates with BREATHE! - a community collaborative that organizes against structural racism.


BREATHE! seeks to strategically create change in the policy and practice in our community that has upheld institutional racism, state violence, and all around injustice and to bring awareness and education to local residents and organizations on the issues that disproportionately impact communities of color and their basic human rights.


Contact us for more information or to participate. 


Individuals: NBCSOS unites families, youth, educators, and community leaders on various projects and campaigns to strengthen our schools and our community. 


Organizations: NBCSOS works with various local organizations to advance our mission. We believe that public and social policy is educational policy. We are therefore committed to working with and supporting other organizations and projects that positively impact the lives of families in our community.


Contact us to collaborate!


Donate to fund SOUL or campaigns to engage the community in transforming our schools.

Participate in a monthly meeting and join the movement!


Follow NBCSOS on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share the great work being done by New Bedford youth, educators, and families to build caring schools and an equitable society. 


There are many ways to show some love and participate in the movement to #saveourschools.


Answer our questionnaire to let us know how you would like to participate or collaborate or drop in to a monthly membership meeting. Monthly meeting dates are available on Facebook.



New Bedford, MA

Statement on Transformative Actions Needed in Our School System