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Platform Priorities: Key Issues for Change

Introducing NBCSOS Platform Priorities: Concrete Actions to Save Our Schools


In the wake of the ongoing public crisis, it has become abundantly clear that we must reimagine, renew, and revolutionize our schools and society as a whole. From healthcare to justice systems, from economic development to transportation, we have witnessed the deep-rooted inequities and dangers plaguing our existence. It is time to envision a different community and a new world.

We demand that our school system, including the school committee and other decision-making bodies associated with education, undergo profound changes to meet the needs of all our students. This crisis presents us with an opportunity to build a new educational system that is responsive to our community. While proposals of "innovation" and "interruption" may surface, it is crucial to scrutinize these claims. If they fail to address community needs or lack robust community input and participation, they have no place in our district. We cannot revert to what was once considered the normal operation of our schools.


Our goal is change. Our platform was collaboratively developed by the dedicated members of NBCSOS. 

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